Kids Holiday Special

Kids Holiday Special-01.jpg

Happy Hour

Happy Hour Before 6pm-01.jpg

Witch's Brew & We're MINT to be 

Witch's Brew and We're MINT to be-01.jpg

Watermelon Special

Watermelon Special R2.jpg

New Cocktails

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Unlimited Bowling 1 Hour

1 Hour Unlimited-01.jpg

Midori Illusion & Atlantis

Cocktails Special 1-01.jpg

Happy Hour

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Strawberry & Lychee Jug Special


Guinness Promo

Drink Promo (07052021)-01.jpg

Birthday Packages

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Tokyo Iced Tea & Malibu Sunset

Tokyo Iced Tea and Malibu Sunset-01.jpg

Raspberry Lemonade Jug Special

Rasberry lemonade.jpg

Light Me Up

Drink Promo-03.jpg