Let's strike it!

Here at OneThird Bowling, we strive to deliver only the best that the bowling can offer. With the recent makeover, we strive to constantly provide our bowlers with the greatest bowling experience they will ever have.


With an overhaul of the lanes, maintained by excellent machinery, your game will never feel this good. Coupled with state-of-the-art scoring system, you can set your focus to enjoy your FUN GAMES.


Weekdays: Excluding Friday after 3pm

Weekends: Includes Friday after 3pm & school holiday.



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DARTSLIVE2 is the revolutionary, 2nd generation darts machine. It works in sync with a DARTSLIVE CARD to give Players the benefits of personalised gamer profiles and storing play and performance data.


With the technology of CCD camera, Players can challenge distant opponents online, watching their every move in real time interaction!

Play and Enjoy having fun!
Excitement guaranteed by Phoenixdarts

Phoenixdarts is a sport that can be easily enjoyed by everybody without much space and time limitations !
Have fun with your family, friends and significant others.



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DIAMOND BILLIARD PRODUCTS INC. is excited to introduce the new DIAMOND PRO-AM for the finest billiard halls and homes around the world. The PRO-AM is our highest grade commercial model table. It is an extremely quiet ball return table that includes all the same features and playability of our DIAMOND PROFESSIONAL.

$10for 30 minutes